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App Name King WhatsApp
App Version V33
Update date 11 Jan 2022
App Publisher App Development Team
App Requirement Android 4+
App Category King WhatsApp
File size 65MB
3.9 Rating (7665)

KIWhatsApp This is the official website for all versions of WhatsApp.

It has many features. The developer has developed the KIWhatsApp Android version and made it more unique than the original King WhatsApp application.
KIWhatsApp in all its different versions also has many features, and this is what makes a lot of people want to download KIWhatsApp.
It gained great fame in its infancy due to its advantages. You can use two WhatsApp numbers on one device.

Download KIWhatsApp

The versions of WhatsApp KIWhatsApp are among the best applications that have been modified, all versions of the whatsapp application have been developed, so many features have been added to it, and these features are not present in the original WhatsApp application and these new features and additions won the admiration of many users, and this is what increased The turnout of many in WhatsApp in all its versions.

What is King WhatsApp?

KIWhatsApp. It is an advanced version of the traditional WhatsApp application, and you can operate it with only one number on the phone. KIWhatsApp for iPhone is also an upgraded version of the traditional WhatsApp, but you can run two numbers on the same mobile device. From the traditional WhatsApp, but through this you can deal with three numbers on the mobile

Download the new KIWhatsApp application, or as some people call it the modified WhatsApp, it is considered one of the most important modified versions of the original green WhatsApp application, as it contains many great features and settings.
It is not present in the official green WhatsApp, and the developer has worked to modify this WhatsApp and put many features in it to meet all the needs of users and these features are not found in any other application.
This version is called KIWhatsApp, and with the spread of several versions among the updated and modified versions of the original WhatsApp application, it is considered an updated version.

A brief summary of the King WhatsApp application against ban and hacking

Download KIWhatsApp latest version and update. There are a large number of versions in the WhatsApp application, among which the KIWhatsApp version is the most used; It is widespread in the homeland, and there is a copy of WhatsApp, which is the distinguished version with its attractive color.

It brings amazing features and releases, including that it is more secure and anti-ban as well, and it has been launched for more than three months from the date; It was launched by reactivating the translation of texts for a large number of languages, and work was done to add a new format, the number of times the message was sent to an unlimited number, and you can also set up a large number of conversations up to 1000 conversations. Also, download issues have been resolved and new messages have been added to the KIWhatsApp apk.

What's new in updating KIWhatsApp to the latest version

KIWhatsApp. It is worth noting that KIWhatsApp is one of the most famous and important applications that you can install easily and quickly, as it greatly benefits users to complete the process of easy communication between two or more people, so this application has gained great popularity.
It has spread as this application is used by many people in the world, which indicates that it is the best in a large way, and in this article we will explain all the different information about this application and we will explain everything that the reader needs. To learn more about the application, its features, how to benefit from it, and other information related to it.

Explanation of some additions in KIWhatsApp

KIWhatsApp latest version. The communication interface has been updated and redesigned. Text states are enabled in this version, and users are allowed to choose their own video player. Before sending photos from the photo gallery, modifications can be made to them from the file manager, and the user can send games and programs via WhatsApp.

KIWhatsApp An addition has occurred in WhatsApp, so that conversations are copied automatically at 2 am, in the event that a message is sent and the user wants to restore it, he can do so by deleting the message from everyone.
One of the exclusive additions to the KIWhatsApp application is that the process of making conversations is not limited to saved numbers, but it is possible to send a message to unregistered numbers, as is the case in the Viber application. Not only can a scheduled message be created, but also the message is modified after it is created, where the message is written and after specifying the time the user wants to send it.

KIWhatsApp update

Download KIWhatsApp latest version, update and add an option to change and download the type of emoji.

As for the notifications option in previous versions, it has been updated to make it easier to see if someone mentioned you in groups.

The button for viewing cases and downloading cases has also been modified. There have also been some changes to the notification options, such as the option for who changed their profile picture or who is online now. Add an option to play animated stickers.

KIWhatsApp There is an option that allows users to play emojis. The interface of the WhatsApp application in the KIWhatsApp add-ons menus has received some modifications.

This version has better speed and performance than the previous versions.

There are some improvements in the option to hide quick chats, and the user can activate it from the KIWhatsApp add-ons.

Download KIWhatsApp, and see the new updates in this version.

Hide that you have recorded an audio clip, and hide that you have seen the status, you can also easily save statuses from friends without anyone knowing
Hide that you have seen the message, and it appears that you have only seen the message after your answer. In addition to hiding the reading mark and also hiding the receipt mark.

Also activate the Wi-Fi button on the main destination.

You can also disable Wi-Fi only in WhatsApp without disconnecting in any other app.
You can enable secret chats, and even create a password for chats, to take advantage of extra security.

KIWhatsApp is completely safe for your privacy as it does not contain ads. It remains available for 6 months. You can also use two numbers in one phone, and it does not harm the battery, as it works on weak phones.

You can also make video and voice calls with ease.

Download KIWhatsApp

How to update KIWhatsApp to the latest version. To update and download the KIWhatsApp application, you must first download KIWhatsApp from the bottom of our article with a direct link to download and then install it on your phone, then enjoy the wonderful features of this program.
Unable to download KIWhatsApp from Google Play Store.
You can download it from here through the link at the end of the article.
I know you can take advantage of these many great features. Which differs from the green WhatsApp by more than 1000 features and additions.

Is KIWhatsApp as safe on my phone as the regular green WhatsApp?

KIWhatsApp. It is the best and most stable and secure. KIWhatsApp apk is anti-ban in addition to containing all the privacy options and supports downloading and saving from the application without downloading any external software Download KIWhatsApp. You can also change the font in the WhatsApp application, and you can modify the shape of themes to the shape you want. In addition to this, it contains the KIWhatsApp theme store, which contains a large collection of the most important and wonderful WhatsApp themes.

Download KIWhatsApp APK

There are more additions and corrections in KIWhatsApp. There is also the ability to hide the number of messages from the program icon through the option to disable the message counter, and there is also the option of the number through which the search is carried out.

30 new program lines have been added.
For statuses, there is no specific time for statuses in this version, because it is not limited to 30 seconds.
Then we selected media auto-downloading, and one of the pluses in the app is photos that are sent one at a time.
In addition, one of the exclusive additions to the KIWhatsApp application is that the user can send a group of videos at the same time.
The user can also control sending photos and videos in the same original quality.

KIWhatsApp Apk

KIWhatsApp apk update the application is completely free without any financial expenses.

This application works with great and different quality as it is suitable for all companies. KIWhatsApp works on all Android phones, whether low or medium version.
Download KIWhatsApp it will not cause harm to your phone. Likewise, the developer worked on adding distinctive colors, wonderful themes, and many themes, so that the application would be liked by many, even through this program, you can hide that you are online now. for this reason; Hide what you type. Also, hide that you are recording an audio clip.

You also have the right to see the status of your friends without them knowing.

Also, enter the app settings to add the option to know all deleted messages.
Night mode is also added to the app.

The look of the status download button has also been improved.

An animated sticker is also added to the program.

You can also activate a feature to hide that you've seen the message, except when you reply.

Work has also been done to add the feature of quick access to conversations. KIWhatsApp apk You also have the right to activate the status option to look like the statuses on Instagram.

It also appears with the new update from the person who mentioned you in the group.

Work has also been done to add the option to schedule messages.
You can also call, either through a voice call or a video call easily, all you have to provide is the internet.

Also, in the main chat, there is an option to translate texts into several languages.

How to download #KIWhatsApp APK

How to download the latest version of the KIWhatsApp update in an easy, simple and simple way, as a download link was provided at the bottom of the article to facilitate the download process for you, dear follower. Therefore, you must click on the download link below the article, then press the download button and follow the steps. It is easy and simple so that you can download the application on your phone And enjoy the wonderful benefits in the application.

KIWhatsApp for iPhone

KIWhatsApp. There is an option to make it easier to send group messages to groups.
In addition, there is an option in the application by which to separate the group or private conversation. This command is also available in the Telegram app.

The shape of the floating button has been modified, and there is a possibility to hide the button or show it in the conversation screen, through the additions of the KIWhatsApp application.

The user can control the notification colors of those who viewed your status or profile picture.

There is a new form in the application, which is a bottom bar for conversations, and it is located at the bottom of the main screen (the main screen after the top bar).
There is an option that allows the user to view deleted messages.
The issue of downloading media in version 10, such as photos and videos, has also been resolved.

Night mode is also enabled in this version of the app.

Why is KIWhatsApp special from others?

. KIWhatsApp New Update Download KIWhatsApp

Since you will be able to delete the messages you sent even if those messages were sent a long time ago.

The app gives you the option to clean the KIWhatsApp trash.

Control the appearance of the application by choosing the colors you want.

Download #KIWhatsApp apk, you can control your notifications by adding additional notification options in this version.

The ability to enable night mode is available in this version.

The transparent mode option is also enabled.

Whatsapp ability to add vpn proxy breaker.

You can also quickly access any conversation without having to go back to the home screen with the quick access to conversations option.

A free text option has been provided in which the user can send any message.

Decorate text option is also enabled, by which texts are decorated.

Is there a difference between the original WhatsApp and KIWhatsApp?

KIWhatsApp UpdateIt is one of the most important and best applications that many people search for and most frequently used; It is more famous, in addition to that this application has a large number of features that distinguish it from the original WhatsApp. Likewise, it is what makes it interesting and distinctive for many people, and these features are not available in WhatsApp; located on the Google Play Store for Android phones, and we will put a special download link; All these transcripts are at the end of the article.

Features of updating KIWhatsApp to the latest version

KIWhatsApp is one of its advantages that in this version you can return to the interface of the main application.

You can also, with this version, send an unlimited number of messages through explosive text.

You can also decorate your messages with fancy text option.

In addition, quick emotional tests have also been provided for this version. In addition, there is an option to activate statuses, as in the Instagram application.

You'll also notice that there are many new skins in the Effects option.

There's also a new option, Effects, which you'll see when you swipe up or down chats.
The @ sign will appear if someone mentions you in groups.

In addition, you will be able to see any messages in groups separately on KIWhatsApp.
There is also an option where you can control who can add you in groups.

The application also allows you to disable the read more that appears to the user in long messages, or disable this option.

The application will reply to the received messages by activating the auto reply option.
KIWhatsApp You can also schedule messages so that you can send them at the time you want through the scheduled messages option.

With this version, the user can control the scrolling process, so you can prevent scrolling between statuses, calls, and conversations.

There is an option that allows the user to contact or delete messages by swiping left or right.

KIWhatsApp update

Download KIWhatsApp. It makes you have great privacy as you can lock or hide any conversation with anyone.

KIWhatsApp also has the ability to hide your last seen on WhatsApp.
And you can set your appearance on WhatsApp at the time that you specify with your knowledge.

It also contains the ability to prevent the deletion of friend statuses.

Where you can see the status of each person after deletion.

This is the latest update for the status section.

KIWhatsApp has a great feature that allows you to upload your own status for up to ten minutes. While the original WhatsApp allows you to download a maximum 30-second video status.

However, the developer has developed KIWhatsApp, which allows you to upload a video of more than 10 minutes.

This is what makes the KIWhatsApp download unique and wonderful, and it is preferred by many WhatsApp users.

KIWhatsApp talking also allows you to create and save some messages so that you can send them whenever you want.

In addition, KIWhatsApp stands out for its cool fonts that give it an aesthetic look.
It also features an application to pass any text.

    KIWhatsApp update for free

    There is also a function to translate WhatsApp messages when talking to someone who is different from you in language. Where you can customize live translation in the conversation itself.

    Likewise, for the KIWhatsApp version, some modifications have been made to it to become a very special version.

    provides the ability to transcribe written statuses.

    This is in addition to a large number of fixes in previous versions.

    The user will be able to directly share their location with their friends.

    Availability of more bubble shapes to send and receive messages.

    The number of documents a user can select is 100 documents, not 30.

    Also, scheduled messages can be sent to a large number of users at the same time.

      Features of KIWhatsApp for Android

      There is a filter feature that allows users to edit photos before they are sent.

      There is also an option that allows users to send group messages to groups.

      There is also an app-exclusive add-on that allows you to share the Quran and dhikr with friends.

      There are also features including the Holy Quran and supplications that have been removed and added again.

      There is also a quick reply function by selecting the message and then pressing the send box to reply.

      There is a new addition to privacy, which is to hide the name of the person you are talking to from the top bar of the conversation.

      There is an option by which the user can reactivate the KIWhatsApp interface, which contains no statuses or contacts.

      Also, one of the exclusive additions to KIWhatsApp is the X O game.

      In addition, one of the exclusive additions to the KIWhatsApp application is that it provides an explanation for activating the new functions.

      One of the exclusive additions to the KIWhatsApp application is the addition of the most important technical publications.

      It is also one of the exclusive add-ons for KIWhatsApp, as it has a date converter to Gregorian or Hijri.

      In addition, it is an exclusive addition to the application
      Also, an exclusive addition to KIWhatsApp is the calculator to help school and university students.

        Some information about KIWhatsApp for Android APK download

        The modern application KIWhatsApp does not have any drawbacks, but it has several advantages that make it a great demand. Since this application is completely free without any financial expenditure, only the Internet is available.

        You can also hide that you are making an audio clip.

        Hide seen statuses for more privacy.

        Hide writing. It also hides the message received flag.

        Also, hide the read mark and only show it after a reply.

        It is also available in high quality, high graphics, and distinctive. This application is not boring, unlike other applications.

        The main interface of the KIWhatsApp application is provided with harmonious and beautiful colors and themes.

        Add night mode in the app.

        You can also run your application on PC with QR code read code.

        You can also control notifications related to this program.

        The most important characteristic of KIWhatsApp APK

        An exclusive addition to KIWhatsApp is that the user has the ability to forward the message to 1000 people and not 256.

        One of the exclusive additions to KIWhatsApp is that it allows users to receive notifications from each other to know everything that is new in the application.

        One of the exclusive additions to the application is that it allows users to listen to the Qur’an and supplications even if the application is used for messaging or using other applications.

        User can disable show more in long messages.

        User can find many messages.

        The name of the contact that the user sends can be displayed in the middle of the screen.

        As for the previous icons, their shape has been modified.

        You can activate that you are offline now to enjoy privacy and security.

        It is also completely free i.e. without any subscription fees.

        It also contains new and different themes so that the application is not traditional.
        You can also hide what you type.

        In addition, one of the exclusive additions to KIWhatsApp is that it provides a set of new sounds for sending and receiving messages.

        Additionally, one of the exclusive additions to the app is that anyone can put 1,000 people in a group message list instead of 250.

        In addition, an exclusive plus of KIWhatsApp is that it can add up to 1000 groups to the group message list, not just 256.

        Through the privacy settings, the user can activate the option to prevent deletion of messages if the other party tries to retrieve their messages.

        The size of the storage used in each conversation, the user can know this through settings, data size and user storage.

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